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Love Poems
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Poetry by Lady Gabrielle
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The Golden Path

Walk the Golden Path with me
to lands beyond the deep blue sea,
Share all the magic we shall find
until the moon doth cease to shine.

Embrace my soul and take my hand
while we explore this promised land,
The Bay of Hearts will show our love
with blessings from the Lord above.

Look in my eyes and see our world
expand beyond as dreams unfurl,
Together we shall go so far
because you are my shining star.

Admit my love into thy breast
two hearts with thoughts to be expressed,
A smile, a touch, from one who cares,
truly you are very rare.

I see thee to the altar's foot
to bind our hearts as in a book,
We vow this day to love forever
never losing love's great treasure.

This night shall follow such a morn
as no two lovers e'er have known,
For I have found through loving you
such joy to last my whole life through.

Our future lies within our hearts
tis true that we shall never part,
The universe is ours alone
this Golden Path will lead us home.