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Love Poems
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Heartfelt Poems
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Poetry by Lady Gabrielle
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Musings of My Life
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Lord Byron
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The Sweetest Story


Woman of Strength

Let me tell you who I am:

A small fleck in the universe,
Reflective, mindful, needy.
Thirsty for the knowledge that will
Allow me to traverse a
Sea of turbulence.

I am insecure, timid, vulnerable,
Searching for the meaning
Of truth - wondering, questioning.

I am a pool of green
Willowy and wild
Thrashing aimlessly,
Looking for direction, yet
Strong, decisive and sensitive,
Filled with the shadows of time.

I am a majestic eagle
Soaring on the air
Of life, warm and content.
I am the spirit of the universe,
the rhythm of the earth.
I am my own destiny

I am a seeker, seeking out
Visions of my past memories,
Knowing that I must make
Some changes in my ways.
I weave my life within
Tiny streams of thankfulness,
Worshiping my own spirituality,
Loving with an uninhibited soul.

Let me tell you who I truly am:

I am a woman of strength,
To be born over and over,
To be loved and cherished.
I am warrior, healer, sister, mother,
Aunt, niece and friend.
A strong beautiful,
Intelligent woman.

A woman of strength,
Braving the times of change.