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The Wedding Night

He came to her in just a robe
On this their wonderful wedding night,
His blue eyes sparkled like the stars
It was a magnificent sight.

She lay upon those satin sheets
So near the deep sapphire sea,
She reaches up and takes his hand
And pulls him down so tenderly.

This day has quickly passed them by
The vows, the kiss, the cake, the dance,
The photographs will surely show
Their image of love in a glance.

He slowly takes her in his arms
And then speaks softly in her ear,
Her innocence turns cheeks to pink
The desire for him so clear.

These two alone with just the stars
Their only radiance the moon,
He gazes deep into her eyes
Her heart commences to swoon.

She has no fear of his embrace
For she knows his love to be strong,
His gentleness, her loving sighs
Gives her sweet pleasure all night long.

Cupid sits on the rocks above
And smiles profoundly within,
This love will last forever more
His arrow struck swiftly to win.

For fifty years they celebrate
The love they created that night,
They hope for fifty more to be
Entwined deeply with God's true light.

January 27, 1998