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Love Poems
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The Serenade

My love awaits the one so true
with eyes that are so very blue,
They sparkle like the ocean deep
when looking down upon my sleep.

My spirit knows when thus he looks
and feels his love from every nook,
a smile does form upon my lips
As I feel him touch my fingertips.

He slowly kisses every one
and then behold when he is done,
he reaches down to kiss my head
and I gently pull him into bed.

Under the covers hands now roam
and I begin to gently moan,
kissing my eyes, my lips, my throat
my breasts await his every stroke.

He puts his hands upon my thighs
and looks a moment into my eyes,
I know that I'll reach such a height
while he is drinking up my light.

As he begins to drink love's juice
the world explodes, my soul is loose,
he takes his time in such slow fashion
letting the ecstasy take my passion.

My Love sits up and looks at me
and enters my soul with rhapsody,
the crescendo becomes a serenade
the final note has now been played.

I lay my head upon his chest
and sigh with gentle consequence,
joy has filled our hearts this night
as the sun comes up to give us light.

February 13, 1997