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Love Poems
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Poetry by Lady Gabrielle
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The Devil Beckons

It's just not fair the way life is
Piling sorrows upon my wings,
What did I do to earn this fate?
Too many things upon my plate.

I try to give all to the Lord
Much easier to swing the sword,
Easier still to drag me down
Out to the swamp to let me drown.

Earth is my hell and death my doom
Tentacles reaching from the gloom,
Is peace to be in such a place
Fiends beckoning a mortal taste?

Would dying serve the end I seek?
Would loved ones care if death does creep?
Would tears flow if this world I left
To find some peace I rate at best?

Damnation now to you I say
Hell with the righteous in their day,
Take me with my sorrows of blood
Carve me up to rot in my crud.

The draught awaits my tongue to taste
The blessed means to make some haste,
I find this world boring of late
It kills my soul and makes me hate.

Alas I'm driven to death's door
To find the peace I'm looking for,
This potion of gloom calms me still
Demons dancing in for the kill.

Adieu my darlings far and wide
Shed not a tear while by my side,
I'm happy now and so at peace
Leave me to lie in blissful sleep.