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Love Poems
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Poetry by Lady Gabrielle
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Romancing my Soul

From his spirit he casts his spell
With words that do truly impart
Moments, time, a place to begin.
Much is the man that writes so fine,
With a tenderness from within.
At times seeking quiet moments,
Solitude in lush mountainsides--
Another time, mesmerizing,
Dreamlike sounds of the surf at play,
Under a luminous sunset.

Enjoying the search for fine wines
Exhilarating as the taste
Of strawberries and chocolate--
A titillating, intense want
Embodying the mind and soul.
Not knowing a lot about this
Artist or the genre in mind,
But loving the beauty revealed
In Dali's surrealism
Or Monet's impressionism,
Maybe Picasso's cubism
And Da Vinci's realism.

There are moments when speech is naught
And comfort in silence brings peace.
When days of love and innocence
Touch one's heart, love is beautiful
Whether spoken or written or
Witnessed through the eyes of the soul.

April 8, 2007