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As I look back on the year of ninety eight
I remember how when I opened the gate
My life began to change in so many ways
I'll never forget till the end of my days.

The broad smile of the sun so high in the sky
The flowers were blooming and I came alive
The breeze was so cool on my soft sodden skin
And the birds were making a wonderful din.

I could smell the scent of sweet lilacs nearby
And hear the murmur of a baby's sweet sigh
The palette of colors surrounding my world
Filled me with joy as my past life unfurled.

I smiled at thoughts of my children so dear
And knew in a moment that I had no fear
That I'd lose their love for whatever reasons
It's unconditional through all of the seasons.

I think of my grand children, ah such a treat
To watch them discover the world at their feet
Their smiling eyes, the ringing of their laughter
When bellies and toes I quickly go after.

I ponder on friends who helped me get through
Especially difficult times with the blues
Encouraging words, softly spoken to help
Me cope with the sadness and solitude felt.

Nothing is greater than family and friends
Getting together to find means to an end
Helping each other to find love from the heart
Knowing they'll always be there from the start.

I realize as I look back on this year
I have many treasures to hold very dear
I could never make any changes as such
To my family, my friends, I love you so much.

December 31, 1998