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Lackadaisical Chaos

Smoke Slowly rises,
In the light of day,
Drinks keep on coming,
Thoughts are kept at bay.

Rape in the woodland,
Murder in the city,
Brother killing sister,
Gone is all the pity.

Children disappearing,
Arson going strong,
Where the hell is justice
In this world so wrong!

Incest is so common,
Happens all the time,
No one see the reason,
But we know the rhyme.

Women getting battered,
Losing self-esteem,
Picking up the pieces,
Long to be redeemed.

Hatred running rampant,
Racial slurs abound,
Turn the other cheek?
Not in this damn town!

Look into that barrel,
Load the bullets neat,
Pull the trigger swiftly,
Demons sure to meet.

Suicide, genocide,
Voices of the ghosts,
Haunted by the misery,
Of their deadly host.

Drugs ease the lonely,
Drink numbs the mind,
Never see the turmoil,
In the world so blind.

Makes it all so cozy,
To be so nonchalant,
Never have to worry,
Your name's Insouciant.

Smoke slowly rises,
In the moonlit night,
Contemplating nothing,
Keeping out of sight.

February 25, 1997