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Love Poems
Love Poems
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Heartfelt Poems
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Poetry by Lady Gabrielle
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Musings of My Life
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Lord Byron
The Sweetest Love Story
The Sweetest Story


Knight of Love

Ah my wonderful Knight of Love,
If I could but hold thee to my bosom close
And kiss thy lips so tender sweet!
My heart is filled with thoughts of thee,
Holding, touching, of what may be.

Thy professed love endears my heart so,
If e'er those eyes hold mine soul entranced
The world will naught be the same.
Day unto night pray I to be in thine arms,
Two souls lost in each other's charms.

Behold in thy mind these hazel eyes,
Listen as the oceans pause and winds cease
While cupid finds thy bared chest!
'Tis wonderful to know how true his mark,
Such great pleasure 't gives this heart!

O'er hills and valleys see mine love true,
Hold 't to thine heart and know 'tis soon
Your belov'd will e'er be very close.
How pure, how lovely the world to see,
When we are together, just thee and me.

Ah, 'tis hard to end these words to you,
Mine hand holds firm on pen to parchment
To confess a love as equal'd as yours.
Keep mine thoughts warm safe within,
Think of me often, again and again.

Alas, Love, I must bid you sweet adieu,
With breast gently heaving and lull'd winds
Caressing twilight air in gentle song.
Thy spell invites me to realms above,
Where two souls join in rapturous love.