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If You Should Die Tonight

If you should die tonight
The rain will forever fall
and stars will cease to shine
I shall wear my heart
Upon my sleeve and
The pain shall be all mine.

The forests shall wither
And the dead leaves I shall
Wear across my breast
Desperately trying to
Conceal that hope has died
And love has lain to rest.

I shall put a Lily
upon my chest
And lie down in the grass
On a coverlet of flowers
Where the scent of you
shall permeate my past.

I shall dream of you
Walking in the clear night
Across the rivers and streams
Piercing the dark seed of my sleep
While my tears flow ceaselessly
As I lie in worlds between.

My life as it was with you
Shall cease to be blissful
And the laughter in my soul
Shall also die and wither
Dark nights shall befall my days
And I shall dwell with you in Sheol.

July 25, 2004