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I Can

Do you think I just sit around and think about you all the time?
Did you honestly believe that I would go crazy out of my mind?
Ha buster! The jokes on you! I have better things to do!

Were you really that sure of yourself to think I wouldn't survive?
Let me be the first to tell you that I am extremely well and alive.
Oh my. Did I touch a nerve? This is absolutely superb!

I can go to bed when I please, and if it suits me, sleep till noon.
I can wait three weeks to do laundry without you saying how soon.
And wash my car in the rain? Wouldn't that fry your brain!

I can let the animals sleep on the bed and not a soul twice blink.
I can watch TV with the volume down low, and hear myself think.
What's that you said? Why is your face turning beat red?

I can keep all the windows open even when its below zero outside.
Not that I would do such a silly thing, but wouldn't that get your hide!
What went wrong? I stopped dancing to your song!

I can put red sauce on any type of food I choose to gobble down.
I can even eat the food in the living room without you turning a frown.
What's that? You're blubbering! This is so astonishing!

I can leave my makeup on the sink and throw my clothes on the floor.
I can have phone calls late at night without you getting extremely sore.
I'm sorry. You think its silly? Ah well, there lies the pity.

I can now say good-bye to all those deadlock ghosts you left with me.
I can honestly say that my life has turned around and I am finally free.
Don't look so blue! Let me be the first to bid you adieu!

March 1, 1997