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Love Poems
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Dinner for Two

The house is clean and there sits the food,
candles are lit and music sets the mood.
Your eyes are sparkling in the soft moonlight,
and the smile on your face says it's just right.

For appetizers the mushrooms were stuffed,
tomatoes, green onion, and garlic a must.
The first entree you find is Sizzling Rice Soup,
with celery, mushrooms and cabbage to boot.

On to the main dish, Fresh Noodles Lo Mein,
a touch of red pepper to add to the flame.
Linguine is cooked with a touch of sweet wine,
the vegetables are crisp and simply divine.

The wine that you brought to dinner tonight,
Poets Corner Chardonnay, it's such a delight!
With arms entwined we toast our good will,
while moonbeams dance softly out on the sill.

Dessert is the last and the best for your taste,
it's Mocha Marble Pie so let us make haste.
The honey and chocolate so smooth and rich,
I see from your face I have found your niche.

With dinner all done and the dishes away,
we sit by the fire with the Poets Chardonnay.
We giggle like teens from a time long past,
and hope that this moment will always last.

As I ponder the evening I've spent by your side,
you smile and look deeply into my sparkling eyes.
The food and the music brought out the romance,
and we realize it's time for the lover's best dance.

March 1, 1997