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A Day in the Life of Kieran

Rocking horse smiles as Kieran steps up
Cowboy hat, chaps, and pop gun look tough,
He's ready to follow the sunset and ride,
With little black pup sitting right by his side.

Five seconds later he gets down from the horse
Looking for the blocks to build him a fort,
He finds all his men, the cabins and pens
Where he keeps all his animals so easy to tend.

Ten minutes later he runs through the house
"Mommy, mommy, I've just seen a mouse,
So white and so fluffy, please let him stay!"
And mommy turns color, a slight shade of grey.

His bright eyes sparkle as he thinks of the bike
That daddy bought him when he was a tyke,
He runs through the house and into the yard
And slams into the postman bringing a card.

"Oops, I'm so sorry" he says with a blush
As he stands up rubbing his cute little tush,
The postman grins and goes on his way
Telling Kieran to have a wonderful day.

He's in and he's out and he's up and down
Driving mom crazy running all over town,
It's only noon and Kieran's still going strong,
Mom hopes nap time will soon come along.

Into the house and outside once again
You hear the laughter of Kieran and his friend,
Mommy puts juice and cookies so sweet
On the picnic table where they both sit to eat.

As mommy does dishes, she hears not a sound
She goes to the door and she looks all around,
Spys Kieran asleep on the floor of his swing
Dreaming of dragons and dinosaurs with wings.

A two hour nap and he's off on a roll
Once again squirming around like a mole,
He gets into this and he gets into that,
And he pulls the tail of his poor black cat.

With a hiss and a holler that old black cat
Hair standing straighter than an old top hat,
Darts down the hall at the speed of a comet
Toppling the clothes rack with everything on it.

Kieran's face turns a bright shade of pink
And mother realizes she's right on the brink,
She could easily pull out every strand of her hair
As daddy stands laughing, hugging thistle bear.

With dinner all done and bath time so close
Kieran get his cowboys, Pooh Bear and horse,
Mom fills up the tub and dad plays the game
Making old Pooh Bear ride a horse that's not tame.

Kieran knows his day is coming to an end
He tries once again to have mommy's rule bend,
He climbs daddy's lap and he smiles with glee
Hoping daddy will let him stay there on his knee.

Two seconds later Kieran's eyes start to close
Mom and dad know that he'll soon start to doze,
As they lay him in bed,Kieran smiles so sweet
He looks so angelic as he falls sound asleep.

Now mom and dad have a few moments rest
To sit and discuss how Kieran can test
The wits of the wisest and grandest of all
But neither would trade him, no not at all.

Mommy and daddy are now ready for bed
They climb under covers with sheets over heads,
Suddenly there's the quiet shuffling of feet
Kieran's in the doorway and mom's half asleep.

Mommy, daddy, can I sleep with you?
There's noises in my room and shadows too,
"Of course my love, I will hold you so close
But your room is safe, it's only angels on the loose.

They are watching over you as you sleep
Sometimes one slips and you'll hear a beep,
And sometimes they are just playing around
Thinking you'll sleep through all of their sounds.

Kieran closes his eyes and dreaming he starts
While mommy and daddy hug their sweetheart,
The angels are smiling as Kieran can see
And tomorrow for Kieran will start happily.

January 31, 1998